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2013-03-30 14:29:13 by Magnamus0

New song!
It's a final fantasy cover!
Listen to it!
Love it!
Looking for a job sucks.
Nobody wants to hire me.
But I need le monies. So I guess i'll just keep applying everywhere.
The whole band thing is going good, finally have my own bass rig through the miracle of Kijiji.
Hopefully we can finish this EP sometime by the end of the month.
anyway. LIKE me on facebook!


2013-03-17 06:49:24 by Magnamus0

So, Uhh.. Dropping out of school... forming a metal band.
Still making music for here though! Dont you guys worry about that!
Here's a rough demo of one of our songs. sorry about the quality, this was like, 6 hours of work with only 2/5ths of the band. ns-mix2
(I play bass)
anyway, I hope you listened to my last song, it's about being underwater and shit.
I'm going to bed. i'm too tired to make posts.

ANOTHER new frickin song!

2012-12-19 04:11:14 by Magnamus0

Alright, so now i'm pumping em out like crazy. Hopefully i get my goal done by the end of the Christmas holidays as intended.
My newest piece is a personal rendition of the lavender town theme from pokémon with the help of my close friend Ghost010.
What a great guy.
we nearly shat ourselves laughing and having a great time with this.
Also dont forget to like and follow me on facebook at ....
Or my twitter of the same name...
I swear I'm not a sellout whore... D:


2012-12-14 01:41:49 by Magnamus0

So, I've finished my first semester of school, and now that i have free time i'd like to work on my artistry and self promotion!
Annddd to follow suit with that i made a FACEBOOK PAGE for myself!

----> <------

So if you like me, or my songs.. well then go on over and give my page a good ol' like :D

Im going to try and see about coming out with an EP sometime over the Christmas holiday...
NO PROMISES! but it's a goal!

Show me some love! But more importantly, show me some feedback! :D


2012-12-11 08:23:12 by Magnamus0

So, My first semester of music school is going pretty good, i'm in the middle of my exams and project, but they're NBD.
SPEAKING of projects, you should check out my latest song! "On a road to nowhere" :D
you'll love it.


2012-09-16 12:01:43 by Magnamus0

MAN, School has never been this fun before! I even get along with the people I dont like! it's soooo weird!
it's been about a week and already half of the program is in my esablished group of friends!
oh music school, you so silly :3


2012-07-30 09:25:51 by Magnamus0

I just uploaded Two cover songs!
One Of the X-files Theme and the other the main theme from Elfen lied.
Motherfucker! Go listen to em ;D <3
I would appreciate some feedback if you could! :3


2012-07-07 07:46:59 by Magnamus0

Allright, it's 7:35 am and I just finished making and uploading my new song entitled SUPERHERO SHOWDOWN!
I'ts pretty cool.
it's based off of a riff i wrote a while ago.

Idunno, it was super fun to play, but i couldnt find anything to do with it on the guitar, so i eventually came to the conclusion that it was obviously meant for different things.

See thats the cool thing with music, it's always adaptive and an always transferrable skill.

On a side note i had a GREAT week, and a really good night yesterday.
It was sorta like a dream come true kinda thing, but in all reality it's just me acting like a ninny.

How are things going in your lives? I never ask that, So tell me :3 I wanna get to know those few who actually know about and care about my music enough to talk to me.

Power Save

2012-05-12 17:22:41 by Magnamus0

Working on a bunch of new shit!
I recently started talking to one of my old highschool buddies who also makes techno in ableton, and we used to work together, but after a while, and some issues with mutual friends we sorta stopped talking.
But after some time we got back together and hung out, next thing you know we were swapping ideas, loops, plugins, instrument packs, synths the whole Shabang.
So expect some collaboration work ;3
I'm getting pumped for this!
Also My other two bands really took off this week in terms of initiative and overall productiveness!
Man.. i'm so glad i chose to go to school for music.
i never really Notice just how much I love it.


2012-05-07 19:53:17 by Magnamus0

I play DnD 4 times A week minimum.